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  1. Parent: After confirmed school admission, fill the online form published in our website for online registration (usually published in Feb/Mar). (Special case:  If you are looking for admission after the regular school opening period, then this online form may not be available. You need to directly contact the office manager (96 333 555 72) to check the availability of seats. In this case office manager will guide you through the admission process.)

  2. Bus committee: Based one the list generated from the online registration form, priority criteria set by the bus committee and seat availability, an admission list for each route will be generated. If seats are not available, a waiting list will be created.

  3. Office manager: Contact parents on the admission list/waiting list to set a meeting date and communicate the admission requirements. We will not contact more than three times to the numbers you have shared. If not available after repeated attempts, the seat will be allotted to next in the list without further communication.

  4. During meeting with office manager: Parent/guardian  completes the Admission Form (a passport size photo of the ward is required), pays registration fee, refundable caution deposit (refund happens only when the ward takes TC from school), yearly subscription fee to the Society (1 per parent), one month advance fee, non refundable one time donation and any other fee communicated by bus committee for that academic year. You will get a receipt for this payment and you need to produce it when you claim your caution deposit refund after taking TC. Your admission is valid only after completing the above mentioned payment at our office. Parent/guardian has to come in person to our office to complete the process. Only accept Cash/UPI payments. 

  5. Office Manager: Communicates route number, stop name, monthly fee, yearly subscription fee, bus timing, important contact numbers, bus specific WhatsApp group, online fee payment, payment due date, late payment fee and live bus tracking option. 

  6. Office Manager: Add parent to route specific WhatsApp group. All bus related communications happens in this group only. 



  • In an academic year, school bus operation period is from school reopen date after summer vacation to summer vacation start date. During this period we collect 10 months bus fee in total from users irrespective of usage. There is no option to pay only the used months. This is exempted for 10th and 12th class students and also on medical grounds (need to submit medical certificate and take special permission from bus committee). This is also exempted for students who wants to discontinue the service. 

  • Bus fee will be collected monthly as advance fee for that month. (one may also do bulk advance payment). 10th is the last date to pay the fee without late fee. It has to be processed using our dedicated online payment portal.  If the fee remains unpaid by the 20th of the month, we regretfully inform you that the user will not be allowed to board the school bus until the outstanding fees are settled in full. If the dues exceeds the caution deposit, bus committee has the rights to terminate the service to that user and may proceed to  take a new admission.

  • Bus fee calculation: We have divided each route into fare stages. The distance calculation from your stop to school is done by taking the minimum driving distance from your stop to school in Google map. If the stop is 4 km or less, it is coming under minimum fare stage and minimum fee. Every additional fare stage will add an extra fixed amount. If the onward and return routes/stops are different, fare stage and fee will be calculated based on the stop having longest distance.

  • All routes have existing bus stops. The bus committee has the right to start a new bus stop or discontinue an existing bus stop. 

  • Students are allowed to use only the allotted bus stop. A new bus stop in existing route is only approved by bus committee. Any stop change must be informed to manager and must take approval.

  • We request new users to start using the service at the beginning of a month as the advance one month fee collected is effective irrespective of the joining date on that month,

  • If you wishes to stop using the bus service, it must be informed one month in advance. No withdrawal would be considered without prior written one month clear intimation.

  • If a user takes more than 1 months of break (not applicable to class 10 students), we cannot guarantee seat availability on return. As seat availability is less, we may issue the seat to a new user. This is exempted if the break is on medical grounds and we may ask for a medical certificate.

  • If you take a new admission and not start using the facility for more than 2 months continuously, we may proceed to cancel your admission and take a new admission from the waiting list.

  • Every member must pay the annual membership fee (per parent, not per students) on time. Please note that only paid members have voting rights in annual general body meetings.

  • One way journey option not available. User can opt this but they have to pay the full fee.

  • Route extension is possible only if enough number of users apply for an extension and it is practically possible and financially viable. To apply for the extension, the group of users must submit a representation to the bus committee. The final decision is up to the bus committee after considering all factors. If extension is approved by the committee, an additional extension fee will be collected on top of the fare stage amount. Please note that irrespective of the usage, we will collect 10 months fee as mentioned above.

  • At least one of the parents / guardian must follow the route specific WhatsApp group wherein all school bus related information will be shared.

  • Caution deposit (CD) will be refunded only after the user takes Transfer Certificate (TC) from school. User has to apply with a copy of the TC and original receipt of the caution deposit to initiate the refund process. The approve takes couple days to process and refund (if any) will be usually transferred to the bank account of the user. Processing time can vary, so always get clarity from office manager. 

  • Bus rules must be strictly followed. If not, bus committee has the right to take strict disciplinary action against the user. Also, bus committe has the right to edit existing rules and/or add new rules.

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