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All our buses are fitted with AIS 140 bus tracking systems. Parents can use the following information to install and use the tracking application on your mobile devices.

How to download the application?

Please click the Google Play badge below to download the Android app. 


Please click the App Store badge below to download the iOS app. 

How to use the application?

After installation, please open the app and enter login details shared in Bus WhatsApp groups (or contact manager 96 333 555 72). It will directly go to a page with bus details. Select the required bus and click the black color icon with the arrow sign to go to the live location of that bus. Please wait for the update of the live location. Nearly every 3 minutes, the location of the bus is updated in app. On top you can see Green, Yellow and Blue color boxes. Similar color you can also see with each bus. Green means running, yellow means halted and blue means bus is idle for few minutes. On the bottom of the screen, you may see the last updated location and its time. On top right you have an option to change the default map view to satellite view. You may use the zoom feature to adjust the map according to your preference. If you need to select another bus, please go to the top left menu and choose another bus. You may please use the following video as well for your reference.


Android app
iOS App Download
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