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How to pay the bus fee online?


If you have taken new admission to school bus, then your first month fee is collected as advance payment. So no fee payment using the portal for the first month. But you may please login and see if its working for you. If not, please inform in your respective route WhatsApp group. Others, please follow instructions below.

If you are using mobile phone, then instructions can be viewed here


If you are using computer or tab, you may follow the steps below.

  • In our site, click the PAY ONLINE option

  • Enter registered mobile number and password to login

  • After login, check the amount in Green colour box against Paymentdue. If it is zero or negative number then you have no payment required for that month. If it is any other number, then that amount you need to pay. If you have any dues or excess payment done, then it is automatically adjusted and remaining amount to be paid will be displayed against Paymentdue.

  • Click the New Payment button on top left and select the child name. The amount to e paid will be automatically shown there. 

  • Click Proceed to Pay (below) and confirm. (Repeat above step if you have more than one child using the service after completing the first child) 

  • Choose credit, debit or net banking option and enter required details and click Proceed to Pay and confirm.

  • Payment success / failure notification will be displayed.

  • Please note-When you click procced to pay and you get a blank screen or Failure message but money is debited from your card or account then do not pay again. If you get a Failure message and money is not debited, then you have to repeat the payment.

  • If you are not using online payment frequently, your bank might have blocked your online payment option and in that case, you may get repeated Failure message. You may contact your bank to enable online payment option.

Some frequently asked questions on online payment

  • Where can I see my dues? After login to the payment site, please scroll down and check the green colored box named PAYMENT INFO. In that check Paymentdue. 

  • My due amount is a negative number (like -250). Should I pay?
    No. If the due amount is displayed as a negative number, then it means that you have paid that much amount excess in previous months. So, you don't have to pay. It will be automatically adjusted in next month.

  • Can I pay using Google Pay or any other online options like bank transfer, UPI, IMPS etc. for payment? No. Please use only our online payment site. We request not to use any other means of online payment. Any other means of payments will not be updated automatically to our payment portal.

  • How can I pay some fee amount as advance? You can do this at any time. Please login to payment portal and go to New Payment option. When you select the child name, the amount appear against "Amount to be paid:" can be edited to any amount you wish to pay and then proceed to complete payment. If you have no dues, this amount will appear as a negative number indicating that you have that much amount as advance payment with us. Next time when fee is updated in portal it will be automatically adjusted.

  • Should I wait for the message from bus committee to initiate a fee payment ? If there is any special cases, it will be informed in group. If not you can always pay the fee at any time. Please see the above point as well.

  • How do I know that my payment is successful?
    A successful payment will give a transaction status screen with SUCCESS in green colour. Also, after payment, the Paymentdue entry in Payment Info box (green color box in home page) will become zero. Some time, it will not happen immediately ad in this case it will be usually updated within 48 to 72 hours.

  • My transaction failed but money deducted. What next?
    This payment goes to pending transaction and usually within 24 to 72 hours it will go to Success or Failure status. If failure, it will be reversed to your card/account.

  • When I try to pay I am getting repeated Failure message.  Your bank might have blocked the transaction you are doing in our site. You may try after some time. If you are still facing the issue, please contact your bank and inform them that your fee payment is getting declined. Usually, they can resolve it in few hours.

  • Should I post the receipt in bus WhatsApp group?
    No. Our office can generate transaction reports.

  • Can I pay cash in bus or give cash through my kid for fee payment?

  • What is my login name?
    Your registered mobile number with us will be your login name.

  • Is it possible to change my mobile number in payment site?
    Yes. Please login and go to the Parent Info tab and change the primary mobile number.

  • Where can I see my previous transaction history? Please go to the menu and click the rupee symbol to see your transaction history.

  • Whom to contact in case of issues during online fee payment? You may post your issue in your respective bus WhatsApp group or contact office manager.

  • Please remember: We will never ask you to share your card/account number, pin etc. This is sensitive information and never share it with anyone

How to update personal details in fee payment site?

In this site, click the PAY ONLINE option and complete the following steps.

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